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Michel Herr / Jack Van Poll
Michel Herr / Jack Van Poll
A Tribute To Belgian Jazz
Record Labels September
Phonographic reference CD 5120
Released October 1998
Media cd
Recorded May 11, 1998 - May 12, 1998
  Jet studio's, Brussels by Michel Andina

Michel Herr - Piano   (right channel)
Jack Van Poll - Piano   (left channel)
Hein Van De Geyn - Bass    
Hans Van Oosterhout - Drums    


1.   Old Stuff   4:05  
  Francy Boland
2.   For The Time Being   5:05  
  Bert Joris
3.   Cette Chose   3:02  
  Bobby Jaspar
4.   Song For My Lady   4:18  
  Toots Thielemans
5.   Nat's Blues   2:45  
  Nathalie Loriers
6.   Fleur du Cap   3:45  
  Jack Van Poll
7.   Adriano   4:24  
  Philip Catherine
8.   I'm So Scared of Girls When They are Goodlooking   5:18  
  Jack Sels
9.   Spring Sounds   4:24
  Michel Herr
10.   Blue Sunrise   4:00
11.   Meeting   3:33  
  René Thomas
12.   New York Stories   3:53  
  Jeanfrançois Prins
13.   Don't Worry   3:51  
  Ivan Paduart
14.   Grey Skies   2:51  
  Peter Packay
"A Tribute to Belgian Jazz is a compilation of compositions by Belgian jazz musicians performed by two pianists who are household names of European jazz.

An occasion to hear music written by some now deceased musicians like Jack Sels, René Thomas, Bobby Jaspar and Peter Packay blended with by representatives of the younger generation - Nathalie Loriers, Bert Joris, Ivan Paduart, JF Prins) who rose and met the challenge of continuity brilliantly. Also worth mentioning are two new pieces played in trio by Herr and Van Poll. Certainly among the best Belgian productions of '98.

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