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Michel Bisceglia
Michel Bisceglia
Inner You
Record Labels Prova Records
Phonographic reference PR 0701-CD1
Released February 27, 2007
Media cd
Distribution Bisceglia Music
Recorded August 9, 2006 - January 11, 2007
  Genk (B)
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Michel Bisceglia - Drums    
Werner Lauscher - Double bass    
Marc Lehan - Drums    


Michel Bisceglia Trio  


1.   Sandino      
  Charlie Haden
2.   Out to sea      
  Michel Bisceglia, Piet Goddaer
3.   Lorenz factor    
  Michel Bisceglia
4.   Softly as in the morning sunrise      
  Romberg / Hammerstein
5.   Simone      
  Ralf Towner
6.   Paisellu miu      
  Rocco Granata / Michel Bisceglia
7.   With purpose      
  Michel Bisceglia
8.   Blues for Alice      
  Charlie Parker
9.   Side square      
  Michel Bisceglia
10.   The traveller    
  Michel Bisceglia
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