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Mélanie De Biasio
Mélanie De Biasio
A stomach is burning
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 193
Released April 26, 2007
Media cd
Recorded December 2006
  Igloo Studio, Brussels.

Mélanie De Biasio - Vocals    
Pascal Mohy - Piano    
Pascal Paulus - Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, Clavinet    
Axel Gilain - Double bass    
Teun Verbruggen - Drums    
Guest :      
Steve Houben - Alto saxophone, Flute    


Melanie De Biasio  


1.   Down      
  Pascal Mohy (music), Paulus, Mélanie De Biasio (lyrics)
2.   A stomach is burning      
  Mélanie De Biasio (music), Paulus (lyrics)
3.   Never gonna make it      
  De Biasio, Pascal Mohy (music), Paulus (lyrics)
4.   My man's gone now      
  G. Gershwin
5.   Blue    
  Pascal Mohy (music), Mélanie De Biasio (lyrics)
6.   Let me love you    
  Paulus, Mélanie De Biasio
7.   The latest light of love      
  Pascal Mohy (music), Mélanie De Biasio (lyrics)
8.   Convictions      
  Mélanie De Biasio, Paulus
9.   One time      
  Pascal Mohy, Paulus (music), Paulus, Mélanie De Biasio (lyrics)
10.   Les hommes endormis      
Texte également disponible en français 
Melanie De Biasio is the exact opposite of the functional "hotel singer": her whole life seems focussed in the lyrics of her songs, delivered with strength and conviction. It is no coincidence, finding Nina Simone and Billie Holiday among her references. But also the suave Julie London. Melanie De Biasio is a creator of space, taking after Miles Davis, faultlessly aiming for sobriety, and a master of the tricky art of ballads. On her first album, "A Stomach is Burning" (Igloo, dist AMG), she has even transposed her ballad mastery to some faster tempos. When she performed live "I'm gonna love you, like nobody's loved you, come rain or come shine", we found her thoroughly convincing, even though we had fallen for the same lines, when sung by Billie Holiday. But here, the belgian singer is covering new grounds, in her own words, digging in her personal emotions, her doubts as a young woman in this time and age, modern and eternal. A new adventure begins...

Philippe Baron

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