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Matthias Van den Brande
Matthias Van den Brande
Opus #1
Record Labels SoulFactory Records
Phonographic reference SFR-CD012
Released October 10, 2018
Media cd
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Matthias Van den Brande - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Arranger    
Teresa Costa - Flute    
Maripepa Contreras Gamez - Oboe    
Tonio Comesana - Clarinet    
Jochem Van Hoogdalem - French horn    
Tania Otero Banco - Bassoon    
Alex Koo - Piano    
Soet Kempeneer - Double bass    
Robijn Van Rhijn - Drums    


1.   I loves you Porgy      
  G. & I Gershwin / Dubose Heyward
2.   Samba de Fogo      
3.   Le Bohémien      
4.   Four in one      
  Thelonious Monk
5.   Moxie      
6.   Echo's fate      
7.   Remember to check out      
8.   Eine kleine Gigue in G, K. 574      
9.   Would he like it ?      
Originally from Antwerp, Matthias now lives in Amsterdam (NL) where he was a student at the Conservatory up till recently. As the title clearly suggests, this is his debut album, with an ambitious project combining a (mainly) acoustic jazz quartet with a classical wind quintet. He arranged a repertoire of originals and some famous jazz tunes by Monk and Gershwin, with a strong sense of colour, balance and space. His warm and lyrical sound on both tenor and soprano, the overall beautiful, inspired and well-informed playing of himself and his band mates and a varied mix of influences from jazz, classical and Brazilian music make for a highly fascinating debut.
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