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Marie-Laure Béraud
Marie-Laure Béraud
Record Labels Autoproduction
  Self-produced album
Released May 2013
Media Vinyl
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Marie-Laure Béraud - Vocals    
Charles Loos - Piano    
Benjamin Clément - Guitar    
François Verrue - Double bass    
Yannick Dupont - Drums    
Eric Bribosia - Piano (On "The blue pacific blues")    


1.   About the blues      
  Arthur Hamilton
2.   Tenderly      
  Walter Gross
3.   Baltimore o'riole      
  Hoggy Carmichael/ Paul Francis Webster
4.   You're my thrill      
  Sidney Clarke/Jay Gomey
5.   The blue pacific blues      
  Lester Lee/Ned Washington
6.   Sunday blues      
  Lenny Adelson/Jef Clarkson
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This vinyl is available at (Caroline Music Bd Anspach, 101 - 1000 Brussels) or by contacting Marie-Laure Béraud.
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