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Marco Locurcio
Marco Locurcio
Giulia Is Asleep
Record Labels Lyrae Records
Phonographic reference LY 20024-C
Released November 2000
Media cd
Distribution AMG (Benelux), DAM (France)
Recorded November 2000
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Marco Locurcio - Guitar    
Jeroen Van Herzeele - Saxophones    
Gino Lattuca - Trumpet    
Jozef Dumoulin - Fender Rhodes    
Martin Gjankonowski - Electric bass, Double bass    
Chander Sardjoe - Drums    


Marco Locurcio Sextet  


1.   Mia    
2.   Louis Thinks Twice    
3.   Giulia is Asleep      
4.   Big Mistake      
5.   32 Millions      
6.   Giulia Woke Up      
7.   Every Time      
8.   Funky Gamb      

All compositions by Marco Locurcio

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Marco LOCURCIO, a great composer and guitar player, presents his compositions with some of the greatest European musicians. Marco LOCURCIO and Gino LATTUCA, well known in Belgium, represent Italy. Germany is represented by Martin GJANKONOWSKI, sideman to great musicians such as Kenny Wheeler and Kenny Werner. Chander SARDJOE, guest to Steve Coleman, Chris Potter, Aka Moon.., is Dutch, and for Belgium, Jeroen VAN HERZEELE, Django d'Or 99 and Jozef DUMOULIN, a very promising new talent.
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