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Marc Moulin
Marc Moulin
Record Labels Blue Note
Released September 2009
Media cd

A "best of" released 1 year after Marc Moulin passed away.
An overview of his music, from the Placebo days to his solo albums.


Marc Moulin - Keyboards    
...and many others (see his page for more details on the source albums of this compilation)      


1.   Into the dark      
2.   Silver (Who stole the groove ?)      
3.   Balek 2006 Digital remaster    
4.   I am you      
5.   Tenor Long fall mix    
6.   Humpty Dumpty 2006 Digital remaster    
7.   Comme à la radio Radio edit    
8.   Music is my husband      
9.   N.W. 2006 Digital remaster    
10.   Organ      
11.   Promised land      
12.   Le grand voyage      
13.   Welcome to the club      
14.   Stomp 2006 digital remaster    
15.   Tohubohu Part 1 2005 digital remaster    

All compositions by Marc Moulin, except "Comme à la Radio", by Brigitte Fontaine.

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