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Marc Matthys / Toots Thielemans
Marc Matthys / Toots Thielemans
Bach Meets Jazz Again
Record Labels Maestro
Phonographic reference MMP 010
Released June 2000
Media cd
Distribution Baltic
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Marc Matthys - Piano    
Toots Thielemans - Harmonica    


1.   Prelude BWV 846 in C      
  J.S. Bach
2.   Prelude BWV 847 in C      
  J.S. Bach
3.   Prelude BWV 854 in E      
4.   Simple waltz      
  Marc Matthys
5.   Prelude BWV 857 in F      
  J.S. Bach
6.   Autumn      
  Vivaldi, Calandrelli
7.   Prelude BWV 861 in G      
  J.S. Bach
8.   Speak low      
  K. Weill
9.   Prelude BWV 866 in Bb      
  J.S. Bach
10.   Soon      
  G. Gershwin
11.   Prelude BWV 867 in Bb      
  J.S. Bach
12.   Morning star in memoriam Ivan Carlier      
  Marc Matthys
13.   Broken dream      
  Dirk Brossé
14.   Waves to Bob Lalemant      
  Marc Matthys
15.   A foggy day      
16.   Someone to watch over me      
17.   I got rhythm      
  G. Gershwin
18.   Elegy and Rondeau to Nora      
  Marc Matthys
19.   We'll always be together to my wife      
  E. Daniels
20.   Hard to say goodbye      
  Jean "Toots" Thielemans
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