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Manolo Cabras & Basic Borg
Manolo Cabras & Basic Borg
I wouldn't be sure
Record Labels el NEGOCITO Records
Phonographic reference eNR012
Released December 2, 2012
Media cd

Recorded at the in "Salle de spectacles MJC Narbonne France" by Manolo Cabras


Manolo Cabras - Double bass    
Lynn Cassiers - Vocals, Electronics    
Riccardo Luppi - Tenor saxophone    
Matteo Carrus - Keyboards, Piano    
Oriol Roca - Drums    


Manolo Cabras & Basic Borg  


1.   G whatever   07:34  
  Lynn Cassiers
2.   I wouldn't be sure   05:31  
  Manolo Cabras
3.   Dolce   02:18  
  Manolo Cabras
4.   No comment   03:59  
  Manolo Cabras
5.   Pronti, partenza, via   03:16  
  Basic Borg
6.   A ciascuno il suo   04:14  
  Manolo Cabras
7.   Ti ricordi   05:43  
  Manolo Cabras
8.   Plaça de cristo rey   04:50  
  M. Carrus
9.   Scalar'e bottulusu   00:52  
  L. Cassiers, O. Roca
10.   Game over   05:57  
  Lynn Cassiers
11.   It should be there   04:28  
  L. Cassiers, M. Carrus, R. Luppi

All lyrics by Lynn Cassiers except No comment by Francesco Pisano

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