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Mandy Gaines & The New Look Trio
Mandy Gaines & The New Look Trio
With a Song in my Heart
Record Labels Alone Blue
Phonographic reference @007
Released December 2005
Media cd
Distribution AMG Benelux
Recorded April 29, 2005 - April 30, 2005
  The Music Village, Brussels

live at the Music Village

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Mandy Gaines - Vocals    
Luc Vanden Bosch - Drums    
Johan Clement - Piano    
Roger Vanhaverbeke - Double bass    


Roger Vanhaverbeke and the New Look Trio  


1.   Intro (club manager)    
  Paul Huygens
2.   They can't take that away from me      
  G. Gershwin
3.   Our day will come      
4.   In a sentimental mood      
  D. Ellington
5.   Sweet Georgia Fame      
  Blossom Dearie
6.   All the way      
  S. Cahn
7.   It had to be you      
  G. Cahn
8.   You don't know me      
  E. Arnold
9.   Route 66      
  B. Troup
10.   Lover man      
  J. Davis/R. Ramirez
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