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David Linx / Diederik Wissels
David Linx / Diederik Wissels
Record Labels Label Bleu, France
Phonographic reference LBLC 6606
Released May 1998
Media cd
Recorded January 1998
  Brussels (B), Amiens (F)

This album received a "Choc" (outstanding album) in the French jazz magazine "Jazzman", 4 stars (the maximum) in J@zz@round (B).
It has been selected among the three nominees for the French Django d'Or 1999, in the category "Europe".
A CD single is also available under the title "Think about a way to stay/I Recall" (Label Bleu LBLC6606BIS).

More information about this album 

David Linx - Vocals    
Diederik Wissels - Piano    
Fabrizio Cassol - Alto saxophone    
Marc Ducret - Guitar    
Marc Bertaux - Bass    
Tony Rabeson - Drums    
Mino Cinelu - Percussion    


David Linx / Diederik Wissels duo ou quartet  


1.   Bandarkâh    
  Linx, Wissels
2.   Gone to glory    
  David Linx
3.   Think about a way to stay      
  David Linx
4.   Let the healing begin      
  Linx, Wissels
5.   One last goodbye      
  David Linx
6.   Rekindle      
  David Linx
7.   I recall      
  Linx, Wissels
8.   Where home 's at      
  Linx, Wissels
9.   Close      
  David Linx
10.   Take on that mountain      
  Linx, Wissels
11.   Lena      
  Linx, Wissels
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