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Lilly Joel
Lilly Joel
What Lies In The Sea
Record Labels Sub Rosa
Phonographic reference SR416
Released October 28, 2015
Media cd
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Lynn Cassiers - Vocals, objects and effects    
Jozef Dumoulin - Fender Rhodes, Casio SA-77 and effects    


Lilly Joel  


1.   I Sea Star      
2.   Blue Algae      
3.   A Wheel In The Palm Of Your Hand    
4.   Thaw      
5.   Ruben’s Tree      
6.   Wij De Wolken      
7.   The Cage Of The Yellow Bird      
8.   Zondag      
9.   I Can See You From Afar    
10.   Today A Small Bird Died Due To Sadness (He was 6 years old)      
11.   Dew      
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