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Legnini / Rassinfosse / Castellucci
Legnini / Rassinfosse / Castellucci
Record Labels Quetzal Records
Phonographic reference QZ 103
Released 1994
Media cd
Recorded 1994
  Brussels, Jet studio

Nominated “Best Belgian Jazz CD of 1994” by Le Soir and album of the month in the magazine “Jazz in Time”.
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Eric Legnini - Piano    
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass    
Bruno Castellucci - Drums    


1.   All of You      
  Cole Porter
2.   Antraigues    
  Eric Legnini, Marcia Maria
3.   The meaning of the blues      
  Troup / Worth
4.   Meeting point    
  Eric Legnini
5.   Laurie      
  Bill Evans
6.   I hear a rhapsody      
7.   Brazilico      
  Eric Legnini, Marcia Maria
8.   Pasta Touch      
  Eric Legnini
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