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L'Âme des Poètes
L'Âme des Poètes
L'Âme des Poètes
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 149
Released 1999
Media cd
Recorded Brussels

This 3 CD box contains the previously released Igloo CDs

* "L'Ame des Poètes" (Igl 097)
* "L'Eté Indien" (Igl 113)
* "L'Ame des Poètes joue Brel" (Igl 124)

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Pierre Vaiana - Soprano saxophone    
Fabien Degryse - Guitar    
Pierre Van Dormael - Guitar    
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass    


L'Âme des Poètes  

Instrumental versions of famous French songs, revisited with a jazz touch by a creative trio.

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