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Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven
Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven
Here we go again
Record Labels V2 records
Phonographic reference VVNL20082
Released February 12, 2008
Media cd
Recorded June 2007 - October 2007
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Lien De Greef - Vocals   aka Lady Linn
Christian Mendoza - Piano    
Frederik Heirman - Trombone    
Tom Callens - Tenor saxophone    
Marc De Maeseneer - Baritone saxophone    
Yves Fernandez - Solino - Trumpet    
Koen Kimpe - Double bass    
Matthias Standaert - Drums    


Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven  


1.   That's allright      
2.   A love affair      
3.   Cool down      
4.   I feel something      
5.   I am aware      
6.   I don't wanna dance      
7.   Shopping      
8.   Only a glance      
9.   Waiting      
10.   Here we go again      
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