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Jelle Van Giel Group
Jelle Van Giel Group
The journey
Record Labels Hevhetia
Phonographic reference HV 0146-2-331
Released June 26, 2017
Media cd
Recorded Fattoria Musica studio, Osnabrück (D)
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Jelle Van Giel - Drums, Composer    
Carlo Nardozza - Trumpet    
Bart Borremans - Tenor saxophone    
Tom Bourgeois - Alto saxophone    
Tim Finoulst - Guitar    
Bram Weijters - Piano    
Janos Bruneel - Double bass    


Jelle Van Giel Group  


1.   The journey      
2.   Just a little waltz      
3.   Lullaby for Nelle      
4.   Bonito      
5.   Colorious      
6.   The hidden city      
7.   Heading home      

Compositions : Jelle Van Giel

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