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Jef Neve
Jef Neve
Sons of the new world
Record Labels Universal Music
Phonographic reference 371.726-6 (be)
Released November 2012
Media cd
Recorded Studio "La Chapelle", Waimes (B)

Jef Neve - Piano    
Sean Fasciani - Double bass    
Teun Verbruggen - Drums    
Myrddin Decauter - Clarinet, Guitar    
Michael Campagna - Saxophones    
Jo Hermans - Trumpet    
Pieter Kindt - Trombone    
Bart Indevuyst - French horn    


1.   The happy children      
2.   A sign of hope    
3.   I feel your skin      
4.   Kundalini      
  Myrddin Decauter
5.   We were 18      
6.   Seldom seen here before    
7.   On a sad Friday night      
8.   The space was empty when we found it      
9.   The sacrifice      
10.   Zuurstof      

Compositions : Jef Neve

"Sons of the New World is a cycle of new compositions dedicated to the changes in the New World. Everything is in movement, the Arabic revolution, the climate changes, worldwide economical crisis.
We are living in turbulent times... And we are facing the huge challenge to lead the world of tomorrow on the right track.
All this leaves a big impression on me. I donít write from an ivory tower, and my social engagement reflects itself in my music.
For this cycle, I wrote twelve compositions, for my jazz trio (with Teun Verbruggen (drums) and Sean Fasciani (bass) and 5 wind instruments: clarinet (Myrddin De Cauter who also plays guitar on one song which is his own composition), sax (Michael Campagna), horn (Bart Indevuyst), trumpet (Jo Hermans) and trombone (Pieter Kindt). All great young Flemish musicians, apart from saxophone player Michael Campagna who is an Italian-American living in Genua, and whom I met during the Coltrane-project that we did together with Josť James.
All compositions are based on social themes, the nuclear disaster in Japan, de revolution in the Middle East, the disaster at Pukkelpop festival,Ö

Jef Neve.
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