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Jef Neve Trio
Jef Neve Trio
Blue Saga
Record Labels Contour Records
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference C 002
Released May 2003
Media cd
Recorded December 2002 - March 2003
  Gam studios, Waimes (B)
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Jef Neve - Piano    
Piet Verbist - Double bass    
Lieven Venken - Drums    
Peter Kindt - Trombone    
Kristof Lefebre - Trombone    
Koen Mertens - Drums    
Teun Verbruggen - Drums    


Jef Neve Trio  


1.   Inner Peace    
  Jef Neve
2.   Branford's Dream    
  Jef Neve
3.   Segment      
  Charlie Parker
4.   Construction      
  Jef Neve
5.   60 Years too early      
  Jef Neve
6.   When Spring Begins      
  Jef Neve, Piet Verbist, Teun Verbruggen, Peter Kindt, Kristof Lefebre, Koen Mertens
7.   Pink Coffee      
  Jef Neve
8.   One for the Load      
  Jef Neve
9.   This is not a Doxy      
  Jef Neve
10.   Hidden      
  Jef Neve, Piet Verbist, Teun Verbruggen
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“...The work of Jef Neve is a real relief in days of protechnical stuff. Jef Neve is hardly 26, but his maturity is astonishing. Everyone who saw the young man playing with Wynton Marsalis and some of his musicians of the Lincoln Jazz Orchestra a couple of months ago knew it already: Jef Neve is here to stay!”
    (Knack, 21/5/2003)
“...Blue Saga is the titilating debute of the young belgian jazz pianist Jef Neve. The first piece swallows and turns you into a melancholic atmosphere. But afterwards he plays more funny and rythmical stuff and the second piece ends in a classical lyrical piece where you can hear some of his classical influences. His lines are as clear as cristal and they attract your attention. He lets his compositions breathe.”
    (De Standaard, 9/6/2003)
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