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Jean-Pierre Gebler Quartet
Jean-Pierre Gebler Quartet
Ballades Ou... Presque
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 107
Released 1993
Media cd
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Jean-Pierre Gebler - Baritone saxophone    
Michel Herr - Piano    
Jacques Pirotton - Guitar    
Philippe Aerts - Bass    


1.   Come Rain or Come Shine      
  H. Arlen, J. Mercer
2.   Lament      
  J.J. Johnson
3.   What's New      
  B. Haggard, J. Burke
4.   The Night Has a Thousand Eyes      
  Weisman, Garret, Wayne
5.   Five Women    
  J-P. Gebler
6.   I am Getting Sentimental Over You      
  G. Bassman, N. Washington
7.   Tis Autumn      
  H. Nemo
8.   S.K.J. Blues      
  Milt Jackson
9.   All The Things You Are      
  J. Kern, Hammerstein
10.   Everything Happens to Me      
  M. Dennis, T. Adair
11.   A Weaver of Dreams      
  V. Young, J. Elliot
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