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Jeanfrançois Prins
Jeanfrançois Prins
All Around Town
Record Labels TCB
Phonographic reference TCB 99402
Released April 1999
Media cd
Recorded August 1997
  New Jersey
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Jeanfrançois Prins - Guitar    
Mike Richmond - Double bass    
Adam Nussbaum - Drums    
Lee Konitz - Alto saxophone    


Jeanfrançois Prins Trio  


1.   Lester Left Town      
  Wayne Shorter
2.   Fifth Ave.    
  Jf Prins
3.   D Trane    
  Jf Prins
4.   All Across The City      
  Jim Hall
5.   Lower east Side      
  Jf Prins
6.   Your Own Sweet Way      
  Dave Brubeck
7.   I fall In Love Too Easily      
  Chan, Synet
8.   Village Stroll      
  Jf Prins
9.   Central Park      
  Jf Prins
10.   Alone Together      
  Dietz, Schwartz
11.   Breakfast In The Bronx      
  Jf Prins
" Jeanfrançois Prins is a very talented musician. His itinerary led him from Belgium to New York and to Berlin where he's currently living and working. There's a long standing tradition of Belgian guitarists (Django, René Thomas, Philip Catherine), in my opinion Jeanfrançois is the next link in the chain.
All Around Town is about New York (a previous album of JF is "NY Stories"), where the different pieces bear names of well known places in the Big Apple. The original compositions are blended with some non-originals, in perfect harmony.
Not to forget that Lee Konitz is a part of the team.
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