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Jeanfrançois Prins / Judy Niemack
Jeanfrançois Prins / Judy Niemack
Beauty and the Prince
Record Labels Gam Music
Phonographic reference GAM 916
Released 2001
Media cd
Recorded 1993
  RTBF studios.

Originally released by AMC in 1993 under the same title.


Jeanfrançois Prins - Guitar    
Judy Niemack - Vocals    
Fred Hersch - Piano    
Hein Van De Geyn - Double bass    
Bruno Castellucci - Drums    


1.   The meaning of the blues      
  B. Troup
2.   The blessing      
  Ornette Coleman
3.   Love will grow (Beauty and the Prince)    
  Jeanfrançois Prins
4.   Stolen moments      
  Oliver Nelson
5.   The peacocks      
  Jimmy Rowles
6.   Three views of a secret      
  Jaco Pastorius
7.   Bjudyful    
  Jeanfrançois Prins
8.   I think of you (= Thinking of you)      
  Michel Herr (music), Judy Niemack (lyrics)
9.   Ladies in Mercedes      
  Steve Swallow
10.   Body and soul      
11.   That's what I say (= Jordu)      
  Duke Jordan
12.   Sojourn      
  Jeanfrançois Prins
13.   Young Folks      
  Jeanfrançois Prins
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