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Jean Warland / Fabrice Alleman
Jean Warland / Fabrice Alleman
The Duet
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 214
Released September 19, 2009
Media cd
Recorded Brussels (B)
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Fabrice Alleman - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet, Vocals    
Jean Warland - Double bass    
+ guests :      
Phil Abraham - Trombone    
Frédéric Jacquemin - Drums    


Fabrice Alleman / Jean Warland The Duet  


1.   Sweet and Lovely      
  G. Arnheim/ H. Tobias/ J. Lemare
2.   Fried Bananas / Slow Boat to China      
  Dexter Gordon
3.   Let's Face the Music and Dance      
  Irving Berlin
4.   Please      
  L. Robin/R. Rainger
5.   Hey ! John      
  Blossom Dearie
6.   We Love You Madly      
  Duke Ellington
7.   A Sleepin' Bee      
  Harold Arlen
8.   Kinda Dukish & Rockin in Rhythm      
  Duke Ellington
9.   Sonor      
  Kenny Clarke
10.   Chatterbox      
  Paul Heller
11.   Three And One      
  Thad Jones
12.   It had to be you      
  G. Cahn / I. Jones
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