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Record Labels Phlavour / Cafécacao
Phonographic reference PH001
Released February 2004
Media cd
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Peer Baierlein - Trumpet    
Ewout Pierreux - Piano    
Martijn Vanbuel - Double bass    
Yves Peeters - Drums    


Peer Baierlein Quartet  


1.   Mobile home      
  Martijn Vanbuel
2.   Alone    
  Peer Baierlein
3.   Voices      
4.   Of dune      
  Ewout Pierreux
5.   Sunwalk - intro      
6.   Sunwalk      
  Peer Baierlein
7.   Wehmut      
  Peer Baierlein
8.   For shorter reasons      
  Ewout Pierreux
9.   Yin and/or Yan      
  Martijn Vanbuel
10.   Song for a lovely killer      
  Martijn Vanbuel
11.   Epilog for a lovely killer cacao remix  
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In September 2002, this quartet recorded their first cd 'ISSUES' at the GAM studios in Waimes (near Malmedy). The cd will be released with the newly established cafécacao-label which is started by Bert Hornikx and Dré Pallemaerts.

During the 4 day recording session, the musicians recorded only original compositions. The stylisticly diverse compositions of Peer, Ewout and Martijn create a broad spectrum of musical colour and contrasting mood.

The creative dynamic of these four musicians, together with the experience of the producer/sound engineer Dré Pallemaerts, leads to the working of an original and personal group sound- the result of six years of intense playing together.

In combination with the stylish cd cover and layout- developed by Bert Hornikx-this recording clearly outlines the merited professional ambitions of JAZZISFACTION and cafécacao.

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