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Jacques Stotzem
Jacques Stotzem
in Taiwan
Record Labels Acoustic Music Records
Phonographic reference DVD 4007
Released 2005
Media dvd
Recorded December 17, 2004

77 minutes. In English.

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Jacques Stotzem - Solo acoustic guitar    


Jacques Stotzem  


1.   Traces      
2.   Sur Vesdre      
3.   Jungle      
4.   Trace of sorrow      
5.   Song For Isato      
6.   Pachacamac      
7.   The Following Day      
8.   A Taxi Trip In Belfast      
9.   Taroko      
10.   Gando      
11.   +      
12.   guitar workshop (in English)      

All compositions by Jacques Stotzem

This DVD has been recorded in Taipeh (Taiwan) on December 17th, 2004. The 10 featured pieces are a selection of Jacques Stotzem's concert solo guitar repertoire like Jungle, Traces, Gando, but also some older pieces like Trace of Sorrow or Sur Vesdre. The workshop section explores some of Jacques' typical techniques like the use of plastic fingerpicks (for example how to shape them, how to use them for strumming), some right hand tips and some percussion effects used in Jungle.

There is also a section concerning the equipment he uses on stage.

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