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Jacques Pelzer
Jacques Pelzer
Never let me go
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 084
Released December 2010
Collection Igloo Jazz Classics
Media cd
Recorded 1990
  Igloo studio, Brussels

Reissue of a cd originally released in 1990 with the same title and on the same label, see below.
New cover, new packaging and some archive photos.

More information about this album 

Jacques Pelzer - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flute    
Eric Legnini - Piano    
Bart De Nolf - Double bass    
Micheline Pelzer - Drums    
• • • • + guest stars : • • • •      
Barney Wilen - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Michel Graillier - Piano    


1.   Never let me go      
2.   White blues      
  Michel Graillier
3.   My foolish heart      
4.   My romance      
5.   It's easy to remember      
6.   Tidal breeze      
  H. Danko
7.   This is always      
  H. Warren/M. Gordon
8.   How deep is the ocean      
  I. Berlin
9.   I fall in love too easily      
  S. Cahn/J. Styne
10.   For minors only      
  J. Heath
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This album is the reissue of the cd : Never let me go, originally released in December 1990 by the same label (Igloo records) and with the same title.

This is the cover of the original release (Igloo IGL 084) :
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