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Jack Sels
Jack Sels
The complete Jack Sels, vol. 1
Record Labels Vogel Records
Phonographic reference 101-AS
Released 1975
Collection Exact release year unknown
Media lp
Recorded 1963 - 1965

Jack Sels - Tenor saxophone    
in various contexts, and a.o. with :      
Philip Catherine - Guitar    
Jean Fanis - Piano    
Roger Vanhaverbeke - Double bass    
Al Jones - Drums    
Saxorama - Saxophones    
Freddy Sunder - Guitar   (The Clouds)
Georges Wellens - Double bass    
Clément Demayer - Double bass    
Armand Van de Walle - Drums    


Side A
1.   Celia      
  Bud Powell
2.   Just a gigolo      
  Caesar / Cassucci
3.   I'm on my way      
  Jack Sels
4.   You just hit the one you say you love      
  Jack Sels
5.   Speedway      
  Ernie Wilkins
6.   Blues for a blonde      
  Jack Sels
Side B
7.   Symphony Hall jump      
  Sonny Stitt
8.   Lover man      
  Ram Ramirez
9.   But beautiful      
  Jimmy Van Heusen
10.   Sonnymoon for two      
  Sonny Rollins

Radio recordings (BRT) compiled by Mon Devoghelaere.

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