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Ivan Paduart
Ivan Paduart
A Night At The Music Village
Record Labels Jazz'n Pulz
Phonographic reference BMCD 395
Released 2003
Media cd (2 CD)
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Ivan Paduart - Piano    
Stefan Lievestro - Double bass    
Mimi Verderame - Drums    
Bert Joris - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Toon Roos - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Fay Claassen - Vocals    
Jean "Toots" Thielemans - Harmonica    


Ivan Paduart Trio  


DISC 1. Instrumental
1.   Storyteller    
  Ivan Paduart
2.   Digman 24      
  S. Lievestro
3.   On-Off    
  Ivan Paduart
4.   Vienna's Touch      
  T. Roos
5.   I Thought I Knew      
  Ivan Paduart
6.   Because The Blues      
  Ivan Paduart
DISC 2. Instrumental & Vocal
1.   Life As It Is      
  Ivan Paduart (music), David Linx (lyrics)
2.   For The Time Being      
  Bert Joris (music), S. Scragg (lyrics)
3.   Another Lifetime      
  Ivan Paduart (music), C. O'Daly (lyrics)
4.   Firm Roots      
  C. Walton
5.   Isabelle      
  Rauber, Brel
6.   Vienna's Touch      
  T. Roos
7.   Lush Life      
  B. Strayhorn
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