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Ivan Paduart & The Metropole Orchestra
Ivan Paduart & The Metropole Orchestra
Record Labels Mons Records
Phonographic reference MR 874495
Released May 15, 2010
Media cd (2 CD)
Recorded December 12, 2008
  Live at the Cirque Royal, Brussels

The album will be available on special order as of March 15, 2010. Contact :

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Ivan Paduart - Piano, Composer, Arranger (Cd 2: 4,5)    
Fay Claassen - Vocals   (NL)
Bob Malach - Tenor saxophone   (USA)
Metropole orchestra - Orchestra    
(NL) 50 musicians : big band + strings, woodwinds,...
Jim Mc Neely - Conductor   (USA)
Arrangements :      
Michel Herr - Arranger    
CD 1 : 1,2,3 / CD 2 : 2,3,6
Jim McNeely - Arranger   CD 1 : 4 / CD 2 : 1
Bert Joris - Arranger   CD 1 : 6


Ivan Paduart + Metropole Orchestra & guests  


DISC 1. (with vocals)
1.   Waterfalls    
  Ivan Paduart (music), David Linx (lyrics), Michel Herr (arrangement)
2.   Another Lifetime      
  Ivan Paduart (music), Catriona O'Daly (lyrics), Michel Herr (arrangement)
3.   Life as it is      
  Ivan Paduart (music), David Linx (lyrics), Michel Herr (arrangement)
4.   Melancholy blue      
  Ivan Paduart (music), Toni Casa (lyrics), Jim McNeely (arrangement)
5.   The bridge between us two    
  Ivan Paduart (music), David Linx (lyrics), Bert Joris (arrangement)
6.   I had a ball (Quintet)    
  Ivan Paduart
DISC 2. (instrumental)
1.   Igor      
  Ivan Paduart (music), Jim McNeely (arrangement)
2.   Shivers down my back    
  Ivan Paduart (music), Michel Herr (arrangement)
3.   Sherry on a cake      
  Ivan Paduart (music), Michel Herr (arrangement)
4.   Crush      
  Ivan Paduart (music), Ivan Paduart (arrangement)
5.   White nights      
  Ivan Paduart (music), Ivan Paduart (arrangement)
6.   Precious moments      
  Ivan Paduart (music), Michel Herr (arrangement)
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In December 2008, jazz pianist and composer Ivan Paduart (B) got the opportunity to present his compositions with one of the most prestigious European orchestras, the Metropole Orchestra (NL) : a unique ensemble, with more than 50 musicians, including a jazz big band & a classical ensemble with strings, woodwinds etc...
They were joined by two first class and internationally acclaimed guest soloists : Bob Malach (tenor sax, USA) and Fay Claassen (vocals, NL).
The arrangements written for the occasion are simply magnificent and give a new dimension to Ivan's music. Most of them were signed by Michel Herr, but also by Bert Joris, Ivan himself and Jim McNeely (USA), who also conducted the orchestra.
The memorable concert which took place on December 12, 2008 in Brussels is now available on this double cd, released by Mons records (D).
An exceptional album, filled with magical moments.

To purchase the album, write to the following email address.

On Youtube, "Waterfalls" (Ivan Paduart/arr. Michel Herr)

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