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Ingrid Nomad
Ingrid Nomad
We are one
  Self-produced album
Released October 1, 2016
Media cd
Recorded Studio Elle by Pascale Snoeck
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Ingrid Nomad - Vocals    
Sabin Todorov - Piano    
Sal La Rocca - Double bass    
Stephan Pougin - Drums and percussion    
Annemie Osborne - Cello    


1.   No Mind      
2.   The Night      
3.   Long is the journey      
4.   We are one      
5.   Time      
6.   Blue Bayou      
7.   I need help      
8.   The speed of light      
9.   Will you      
10.   Soldiers of war      
11.   Water      

Arrangements by Sabin Todorov.

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