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Igloo 30 years
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 214
Released May 2009
Media lp

Limited edition LP.

One side with back catalogue and confirmed names, one with recent releases and new talents.

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Side 1
1.   Strollin' Chet Baker / Philip Catherine / Jean-Louis Rassinfosse    
  Horace Silver
2.   Les archanges Trio Bravo    
3.   The sorcerer Eric Legnini    
  Herbie Hancock
4.   Sakha Dougou Pierre Van Dormael / Soriba Kouyaté    
5.   Fernande L'Ame des Poètes    
  Georges Brassens
6.   Consultation Jacques Pelzer    
7.   The latest light of love Mélanie De Biasio    
Side 2
8.   E411 Cécile Broché/Etienne Bouyer    
  Cécile Broché
9.   Ruby my dear Pascal Mohy trio    
  Thelonious Monk
10.   Aurore boréale Mathilde Renault / Jonas Knutsson    
  Mathilde Renault
11.   Sansa Thomas Champagne Trio    
  Thomas Champagne
12.   Little scorpion Eve Beuvens Trio    
  Eve Beuvens
13.   Daybreak Greg Houben Trio    
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