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Chris Joris Experience
Chris Joris Experience
Out Of The Night
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 038
Released May 2003
Media cd
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Chris Joris - Percussion, Piano    
Pieter Thys - Guitar    
Pierre Vaiana - Saxophones    
Cécile Broché - Violin    
Free Desmyter - Piano    
Chris Mentens - Double bass    
Frédéric Malempré - Percussion    
N'faly Koyaté - Kora, Vocals    
The Mons Strings Orchestra - Strings    


Chris Joris Experience  


1.   A four letter word    
2.   Out of the night      
3.   Earth      
  Chris Mentens
4.   The long way home      
  Chris Mentens
5.   Ballad for a tortured Africa    
6.   Mal      
7.   June 25      
8.   I heard a Milonga      
9.   Kobiye      
10.   Friday the 12th      
11.   Kwaheri      

All compositions by Chris Joris except where indicated

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