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Jacques Pirotton
Jacques Pirotton
Stringly 612
Record Labels
Phonographic reference 4446086
Released November 12, 2012
Media cd

Jacques Pirotton - 6 & 12 strings acoustic guitars    
Boris Schmidt - Double bass    
Stephan Pougin - Drums and percussion    
Guests :      
Philippe Thuriot - Accordion   On 2, 4, 5 & 6
Steve Houben - Alto saxophone   On 10


Jacques Pirotton Trio  


1.   La théorie des cordes   6:41
  Jacques Pirotton
2.   Lines   3:54  
  Jacques Pirotton
3.   Neige   5:08  
  Jacques Pirotton
4.   Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut   7:52  
  Claude Debussy
5.   Benitza   6:08  
  Jacques Pirotton
6.   Coimbra   7:48  
  Jacques Pirotton
7.   Vague à lame   6:19
  Jacques Pirotton
8.   La valse immonde   3:36  
  Jacques Pirotton
9.   Zartok   6:17  
  Jacques Pirotton
10.   Sarah   5:19  
  Jacques Pirotton
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Alternation of sounds and colors. A game of jazz harmony interwoven with world.
Jacques Pirotton’s compositions aspire to detach themselves from structures and jazz clichés while proposing a larger diversity of styles and sonorities. Needless to say, humor and irony remain evident. Obvious is the desire to untangle, not to appear serious, to push ahead and concentrate on the sound of the various instruments.

There from where came the star laced arabesque desire, three generations mix, step over the limits of nebulous golden leaves.

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