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Koen Nys quintet
Koen Nys quintet
Turtle Music
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 091
Released March 26, 2011
Media cd
Recorded November 22, 2008 - November 23, 2008
  Studio Toots (VRT), Brussels

Koen Nys - Saxophones    
Hans Van Oost - Guitar    
Bram Weijters - Piano, Fender Rhodes    
Yannick Peeters - Double bass    
Yves Peeters - Drums    


Koen Nys Quintet  


1.   jaja      
  Bram Weijters
2.   still      
  Hans Van Oost
3.   silk and satin    
  Koen Nys
4.   what's wrong      
  Bram Weijters
5.   all or nothing at all      
6.   ask me now      
  Thelonius Monk
7.   toujours des problèmes      
  Bram Weijters
8.   the law within and the starrs above      
  Hans Van Oost
9.   little F      
  Bram Weijters
10.   stratosphere    
  Bram Weijters
11.   under cover      
  Koen Nys
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