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Follow the River
Follow the River
Gone for a walk
Record Labels
Phonographic reference 4446066
Released November 1, 2010
Media cd
Distribution AMG Benelux
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Michel Marissiaux - Bass    
Nicolas Dechêne - Guitar    
Etienne Plumer - Drums    
Aurélie Charneux - Clarinet    


1.   stanza      
2.   buveurs de pluie      
3.   Bali (Linda's theme)      
4.   my own Sirtaki      
5.   Ragareggae      
6.   riff to rent      
7.   la table des enfants      
8.   Uli smile      
9.   is that blue?      
10.   night move      
11.   fleur coupée      
12.   Monday, Tuesday ...    
13.   is this you?    
14.   I can see you      

music composed by Michel Marissiaux except n° 3,8,11,13 by Nicolas Dechêne

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A suite of songs composed over a period of several years in the mood of the first album « Wishes » of Michel Marissiaux.
Compositions that illustrate an open and original world where improvisations replace words, a writing full of serenity.
The members of this trio are active on both belgian and foreign jazz scenes with The Garrett List Ensemble, Animus Anima, Deep in the Deep, Tomassenko, Rêve d'éléphant, The Riffing Society, Pierre Verloesem, Turlu Tursu ...
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