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Thierry Crommen
Thierry Crommen
Record Labels
Phonographic reference 444606
Released September 6, 2010
Media cd
Distribution AMG Benelux
Recorded Liège Belgium
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Thierry Crommen - Harmonica    
Chris De Pauw - Guitar    
Erno - Piano    
Achim Tang - Double bass    


1.   Sortilège      
2.   So long      
  Achim Tang
3.   What changed?    
  Thierry Crommen
4.   Undercover    
  Pierre Van Dormael
5.   Mais non!      
  Achim Tang
6.   The substitute      
  Crommen, De Pauw, Nossent
7.   Rumores de tormenta      
  Thierry Crommen
8.   ABOFA      
  Thierry Crommen
9.   Ma confidence      
  Thierry Crommen
10.   Le chercheur d'ombres      
  Thierry Crommen
11.   Back to Bach      
  De Pauw
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