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MDM Band
MDM Band
Al Coda
Record Labels Label Travers
Phonographic reference TRA 018
Released December 2009
Media cd
Distribution AMG Benelux

Martin de Marneffe - Piano    
Juan Carlos Rosquete - Saxophones    
Désire Some Francis - Bass, Guitar    
Laurent Mercier - Drums    
Anja Naucler - Viola    


MDM Experience  


1.   crepi    
2.   what's the matter      
3.   darkside (USA)      
4.   prend garde      
5.   all the same      
6.   funkgroove    
7.   esperanza      
8.   m'enfin quoi      
9.   darkside (Belgium)      
10.   reaction      

all compositions by Martin De Marneffe.

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