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Mahieu-Vantomme Quartet
Mahieu-Vantomme Quartet
Walk into the skyline
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 077
Released April 2009
Media cd
Recorded January 2009
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Tom Mahieu - Tenor saxophone    
Dominique Vantomme - Piano    
Werner Lauscher - Double bass    
Geert Roelofs - Drums    


Mahieu / Vantomme Quartet  


1.   Free your mind    
  Tom Mahieu
2.   Pubic happiness      
  Dominique Vantomme
3.   Here's to life      
4.   Code of the blues hippo      
  Dominique Vantomme
5.   Berlin    
  Dominique Vantomme
6.   Ithaca      
  Tom Mahieu
7.   Beyond explicit      
8.   Close to my heart      
  Dominique Vantomme
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