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Brussels Jazz Orchestra / Michel Herr
Brussels Jazz Orchestra / Michel Herr
The Music of Michel Herr
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 067/068
Released February 22, 2008
Media cd (2 CD)
Recorded May 29, 2007 - May 31, 2007
  Studio Toots (VRT), Brussels
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Michel Herr - Composer, Arranger, Conductor    
Frank Vaganée - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flute    
Dieter Limbourg - Alto saxophone, Flute    
Kurt Van Herck - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet, Flute    
Bart Defoort - Tenor saxophone, Clarinet    
Bo Van Der Werf - Baritone saxophone, Bass clarinet    
Serge Plume - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Nico Schepers - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Pierre Drevet - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Jeroen Van Malderen - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Marc Godfroid - Trombone    
Lode Mertens - Trombone    
Frederik Heirman - Trombone    
Laurent Hendrick - Bass trombone    
Peter Hertmans - Guitar    
Nathalie Loriers - Piano    
Jos Machtel - Double bass    
Martijn Vink - Drums    


Brussels Jazz Orchestra  


DISC 1. Pieces
1.   Springboard    
2.   Distant Echoes    
3.   Extremes      
4.   Multributes      
5.   Bad Fever      
6.   Song for Lucy theme song from the movie "Just Friends" (Marc-Henri Wajnberg)    
7.   Out of the silence      
DISC 2. Suites and more
Celebration suite
1.   Prelude      
2.   Bells      
3.   New page    
4.   The next 20 years      
Flagey, a new era
5.   Past splendor      
6.   Hibernation      
7.   The awakening      
8.   Sailing again    
9.   Song for Micheline      
10.   Pentaprism      

All pieces composed, arranged and conducted by Michel Herr.

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An essential milestone in Michel Herr's career as a composer/arranger.

Below, a Google video (by Koen Maes) with an interview and a "making of" with some footage from the recording session.
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