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Buster & The Swing
Buster & The Swing
Live at the Music Village
Record Labels Quai des Sons
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference QDS/J01/06
Released December 2006
Media cd
Recorded July 2006
  Live at the Music Village, Brussels

René De Smaele - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals    
André Ronsse - Alto saxophone, Clarinet    
Marc Hérouet - Piano, Arranger    
Jean Van Lint - Double bass, Vocals    
Bob Dartsch - Drums    
Jean-Hughes André - Percussion    


Buster & The Swing  


1.   Moten Swing      
  Benny Moten / Buster Moten
2.   Exactly like You      
  Jimmy Mc Hugh/Dorothy Fields
3.   Hey Bob    
  Marc Hérouet
4.   Les Sauvages      
  Jean-Philippe Rameau, Marc Hérouet
5.   I like pie, I like cake      
  Adam Cato
6.   Only 60    
  Marc Hérouet
7.   Pinetop Boogie      
  Pinetop Smith / Louis Jordan
8.   Boxing in USA      
  Marc Hérouet
9.   Blues à Pompon    
  René De Smaele, Marc Hérouet
10.   Tokyo Blues      
  Horace Silver
11.   It's a low-down dirty shame      
  O. Shepard / L. Jordan
12.   Swanee river      
  S.C. Foster
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