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K.D.'s Basement Party
K.D.'s Basement Party
Sketches of Belgium / Live at De Werf
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 050
Released February 2006
Media cd
Recorded December 18, 2003
  De Werf, Bruges (B)

A new visit (in 2003) of the repertoire once recorded on the Werf 001 album.

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Kris Defoort - Piano, Fender Rhodes    
Fabrizio Cassol - Alto saxophone    
Bart Defoort - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Michel Massot - Tuba, Trombone    
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Electric bass    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    


1.   Sketches Of Belgium    
  Kris Defoort
2.   Trinkle Tinkle      
  Thelonious Monk
3.   Anoraxia      
  Kris Defoort
4.   Monk's Dream      
  Thelonious Monk
5.   New Life      
  Kris Defoort
6.   Happy    
  Kris Defoort
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