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Trinity Song
Record Labels BRM
Phonographic reference BRM 2012
Released 2002
Media cd
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Karel Van Marcke - Piano, Electric piano, Composer, Arranger, Conductor    
Fabrice Alleman - Soprano saxophone, Clarinet    
Nicolas Kummert - Tenor saxophone    
Jan Verstaen - Baritone saxophone    
Frank Vaganée - Alto saxophone, Flute    
Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet    
Sam Versweyveld - Trumpet    
Jeroen Van Malderen - Trumpet    
Marc Godfroid - Trombone    
Jan De Backer - Trombone    
Frederik Heirman - Trombone    
Jo Mahieu - Guitar    
Jozef Dumoulin - Piano, Electric piano    
Michel Bisceglia - Piano, Electric piano    
Wouter Berlaen - Electric bass    
Bart Quartier - Vibraphone    
Teun Verbruggen - Drums    




1.   Out of the silence    
2.   Tracks    
3.   London a tribute to Gil Evans    
4.   Timide      
5.   Trinity song      
6.   Train tune      

All compositions by Karel Van Marcke, except # 3 by Gil Evans.

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