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Buster & The Swing
Buster & The Swing
Buster & The Swing
  Self-produced album
Released October 2000
Media cd
Recorded April 2000

René De Smaele - Trumpet    
André Ronsse - Alto saxophone, Clarinet    
Marc Hérouet - Piano    
Daniel Zanello - Double bass    
Bob Dartsch - Drums    


Buster & The Swing  


1.   Buster Boogie    
  Marc Hérouet
2.   Mind the Hoarse    
  René De Smaele
3.   Blue Smoke      
  Marc Hérouet
4.   Crazy Fingers Boogie      
  Zes Confrey
5.   Big Noise From Winnetka      
  R. Bauduc, B. Haggart
6.   Basse à Nello      
  Marc Hérouet
7.   Fax Tempo      
  Marc Hérouet
8.   Jungle Blues      
  J.R. Morton
9.   Fifity Candles      
  Marc Hérouet
10.   South Side Rock      
  M. Rocco
11.   Wild Boar Blues      
  Marc Hérouet
12.   Dim Boogie      
  Marc Hérouet
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