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Etienne Verschueren Quartet
Etienne Verschueren Quartet
Early Spring
Record Labels B. Sharp
Phonographic reference CDS 088
Released 1992
Media cd
Recorded April 1983

Reissue on CD of a LP originally released on Jazz Cats (René Gailly)


Etienne Verschueren - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Charles Loos - Piano    
Roger Vanhaverbeke - Double bass    
Freddy Rottier - Drums    


1.   Sweet and Lovely      
  Lemare, Arnheim, Tobias
2.   Early Spring (dedicated to Malika)    
  Etienne Verschueren
3.   Little Thumb    
  E. Verschueren
4.   R's Groove      
  Charles Loos
5.   Walkin' with Gene      
  E. Verschueren
6.   Juul's Ears      
  E. Verschueren
7.   Theme for Leo      
  Charles Loos
8.   For You my love      
  Jack Sels
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