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Phil Abraham Quartet
Phil Abraham Quartet
En Public
Record Labels Lyrae Records
Phonographic reference LY 9703007
Released March 1997
Media cd
Recorded February 1996
  by Francis Leclecq

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Phil Abraham - Trombone, Vocals    
Michel Herr - Piano    
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    


Phil Abraham Quartet  


1.   France's First Name   05:24
  P. Abraham
2.   Valse à lire   08:20
  P. Abraham
3.   A Quick Sketch   08:00  
  Ron Carter
4.   Spring Can really Hang You Up The Most   03:35  
  Wolf, Landesman
5.   Softly As In A Morning Sunrise   08:42  
  Hammerstein, Romberg
6.   Between Your Eyes   09:33  
  P. Abraham
7.   Pra Dizer Adeus   10:05  
  Edu Lobo
8.   Giant steps   03:37  
  J. Coltrane
9.   Simone   13:56  
  F. Foster
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CD of the month in the French "Jazz Magazine" in October 1997.
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