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Paolo Radoni Quartet Live
Paolo Radoni Quartet Live
Coast To Coast
Record Labels Lyrae Records
Phonographic reference LY 99018-C
Released November 1999
Media cd
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Paolo Radoni - Guitar    
Bas Cooijmans - Double bass    
Félix Simtaine - Drums    
Ben Sluijs - Alto saxophone    


Paolo Radoni Quartet  


1.   Duke's Day    
  Paolo Radoni
2.   Hope & Sorrow    
  Paolo Radoni
3.   Coast to Coast      
  Paolo Radoni
4.   Ballad for Johnny      
  Ben Sluijs
5.   Ricordo      
  Paolo Radoni
6.   Without a Song      
  V. Youmans, W. Rose, E. Elisu
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