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Ivan Paduart
Ivan Paduart
Belgian Suites
Record Labels A Records (Challenge)
Phonographic reference AL 73122
Released August 1998
Media cd
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Ivan Paduart - Piano, Composer    
Hein Van De Geyn - Double bass    
Hans Van Oosterhout - Drums    
Guest : Bob Malach - Tenor saxophone    


Ivan Paduart Trio  


1.   Can't wait    
2.   Bouncing ball    
3.   Between heaven and earth      
4.   Shivers down my back      
5.   Precious moments      
6.   Sherry on a cake      
7.   Reaching for the stars      
8.   Billet doux      

All compositions and arrangements by Ivan Paduart

A delayed flight, a chance meeting at an airport waiting area brought Belgian pianist and composer Ivan Paduart together with American tenor sax Bob Malach. That meeting led to a partnership which, todate, yielded two albums.
The 1st one, "White Nights" (with also Toots & Philip Catherine participating), has taken Ivan into new grounds of different style.

Prolific he is allright, after earlier more electric period, he is now into a very mature composing and playing. Always surrounded by superb musicians he is now established among the Belgian elite pianists/musicians. Very dynamic, entrepreneur and ever searching he has traced a route constantly pointing upwards.


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