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Charles Loos & André Donni
Charles Loos & André Donni
Unknown Mallow
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 126
Released 1996
Media cd
Recorded 1995
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Charles Loos - Piano    
André Donni - Tenor saxophone, Clarinet    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Rick Hollander - Drums    


Charles Loos / André Donni Quartet  


1.   Chelsea bridge      
  Billy Strayhorn
2.   Dig the blues    
3.   Unknown mallow      
4.   Holy kazoly      
5.   The ballad of Chet & Art      
  Charles Loos
6.   Theme for Leo      
  Charles Loos
7.   Charivari    
  Charles Loos
This record is the result of a real meeting, between the young clarinettist and saxophonist André DONNI and pianist Charles LOOS. They met for the first time in 1993, when Charles set up the group "Sweet Substitutes", then the "Old Time Trio". André DONNI is one of the few young Belgian musician who have completely assimilated the jazz tradition.

Revisiting the music of Jelly Roll MORTON, of Benny GOODMAN, Duke ELLINGTON and George GERSHWIN in his company was a real pleasure for Charles LOOS. You have to hear the sound of André DONNI's tenor to understand the astonishing maturity of this 24-year old musician, who offers us so much more than a simple homage to his favourite musicians, WEBSTER, HAWKINS or GONSALVES. The album as a whole was conceived in a very "Blue Note" style of the 1950-60's, involving a complicity between the musicians, and a concentrated yet relaxed atmosphere.

That's where you find the atmosphere of a concert, involving long pieces, with no-one denying himself the pleasure of playing.

With one exception, a piece by Billy STRAYHORN, all pieces are original, but re-created in a Blue Note approach of the years 50-60.

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