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Basile Rahola Quartet
Basile Rahola Quartet
Record Labels Fresh Sound
Phonographic reference FSNT-628
Released November 12, 2021
Collection New talent
Media cd
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Basile Rahola - Double bass, Composer    
Jullien Cuvelier - Alto saxophone    
Wajdi Riahi - Piano    
Pierre Hurty - Drums    
+ guests :      
Octavio Hernandez - Guitar    
Claudiio Jr. De Rosa - Tenor saxophone    


Basile Rahola Quartet  


1.   Spontaneous (for Peio & Charlotte)      
2.   Ashes to come      
3.   Choral des indécis      
4.   Gentle giant      
5.   Gentle giant      
6.   Northern lights      
7.   September 1st (for Laura)      
8.   An evidence      
9.   Guess what ?      
10.   Leavng Barcelona      
11.   One for O.H.      
12.   Palamos      
  Marino Camarasa, Basile Rahola

Compositions : Basile Rahola

"Memories wear away, but we retain something of them within ourselves. We stay alert to the perfumes, the scents of our past experiences, ready to breathe life in from the very bottom of our lungs. As much as our memory may have eaten away at these moments, the sensations remain: the colors, the smells, the flavors, the sounds óthey donít change. Itís all still there. This album's compositions are the reflection of journeys taken and emotions felt. They recall decisions made and people encountered. They are portraits of friendships, of past joys and disappointments. Moments pays homage to these past experiences, whose presence within us moves us to live more fully."

óBasile Rahola

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