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Lorenzo Di Maio feat. UFO
Lorenzo Di Maio feat. UFO
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL323
Released August 27, 2021
Media cd / digital
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Lorenzo Di Maio - Guitar    
Samuel Gerstmans - Double bass    
Antoine Pierre - Drums, Electronics    
Maritsa Ney - Violin    
Martin Lauwers - Violin    
Marie Ghitta - Viola    
Marine Horbaczewski - Cello    
Fabian Fiorini - Arranger    


Lorenzo Di Maio featuring UFO  


1.   Elia      
2.   No more samba      
3.   Mela      
4.   3 février      
5.   The end and the beginning      
6.   Line-up      
7.   Blue stream      
8.   Looking for the beast      
9.   Zara et Carlos      

All compostions by Lorenzo Di Maio

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