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Shapes in twilights of infinity
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Released September 3, 2021
Media cd / vinyl / digital
Recorded Studio Pyramide by Renaud Houben

Photo : Maël G. Lagadec

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Esinam Dogbatse - Flute, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards, Effects, Looper, Sampler, Composer    
Pablo Casella - Guitar    
Axel Gilain - Electric bass, Double bass, Moog    
Martin Méreau - Drums, Vibraphone    




1.   Prologue      
2.   Morning memories      
3.   New dawn feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi   5:11  
4.   Let it be      
5.   Lost dimensions      
6.   Deep in my soul   4:06  
7.   Birds fly      
8.   Infinity   4:21  
9.   Run run      
10.   Flowing river feat. Sibusile Xaba      
11.   Epilogue      
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